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BH Design Group is a CM/GC construction services company in diverse and numerous market segments. We specialize in commercial - medical, retail, restaurant, office and educational, multi-unit and high end residential,projects.

  • As CM/General Contractor, we handle all phases of the project cycle: from pre-construction -  conceptual, value engineering, construction and commissioning. From start to finish.

  • With 100% control of everything from excavation to material selection, equipment and actual construction, we can ensure exceptional quality and professionalism in every aspect of each project. 

  • Weather it’s a ground up building or educational facility, high end Manhattan apartment renovation or a multi-unit project in a high-rise building, retail store or restaurant fit out - our goal is to maintain highest standards of professionalism and client satisfaction

Construction Workers
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Excellence lies beyond expectations

When it comes to the company culture - our stand is very simple: put yourself in the shoes of the client, see through their eyes, become one with them and you’ll know what their expectations are. Once you know their expectations - go way beyond that.

When this stand is embedded in every action of every employee - excellence comes naturally - we just do what's best for the client.

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Prevention is the best method of handling  unforeseeables

One of the cores of our efficiency is the Screening and Coordination System - Clearview Principles. The system has been created exclusively by BHD Group and is designed to drastically reduce possibilities of delays and unforeseeable added costs during construction:

Our team of experienced engineers survey the field conditions on the subjects of its impact of future work and feasibility of the MEP drawings. Advise the client, GC and subcontractors on potential discrepancies derived from field conditions and help with possible solutions to avoid them.

The Clearview Principles - imply transparency in the very base and not only keeps the client fully informed but also gives the construction team a much better view at the entire construction, thus making the entire process much smoother and uneventful.

The system has proven to prevent many unforeseeable delays and costs, in some cases even reducing the cost of construction via suggesting alternate engineering means and methods. 

The goal is simple - project completion with superior quality, within the schedule and under the budget.

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